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The Five Most Popular Crafts Enjoyed Today

A craft is usually a pastime, but sometimes a profession, that requires certain special skills or knowledge. In centuries past, the term was used to describe professional people engaged in the production of goods, or their maintenance, and they belonged to a guild system. Young people were often apprenticed to a master craftsman to learn a particular craft, and this could take years.

Nowadays most people treat crafts as hobbies, although there are many people all over the world, especially in developing countries, who engage in crafts with the aim of making a living from selling them.

Hobbies are Fun and Healthy

It is these days regarded as healthy to engage in one of the many crafts available today. In fact, as a hobby, it is encouraged by medical practitioners as an antidote to the stressful life we all lead today. Not only do they help us relax after a busy day or week, but they are fun to do. Sometimes they even become profitable. Every country regularly puts together craft fairs, which allow people to display their works and even sell them, and these craft fairs have become very popular.

Most countries also have opened craft shops, where people can sell their wares. In this time of high unemployment all over the world, it is a good idea to get young people interested in making articles that they can sell to the public. Some schools encourage children to make things with their hands, and certainly children who develop creativity in youth have an advantage in later life. They might then have an interesting and different way of making a living. If they still only treat their craft as a hobby, at least they will have an outlet for any stress the modern world imposes.

Five Different Kinds of Crafts

Crafts are divided into five main groups. There are the crafts involving textiles, like knitting, sewing, crocheting and all similar crafts. There are crafts involving wood, metal or clay. This includes sculpture, pottery or jewellery making. The next category is crafts involving paper or canvas, which includes painting or drawing with any kind of medium, origami and calligraphy. Then you get crafts that you can do with plants, like flower arranging and basket weaving.

1. Knitting

In the United Kingdom, knitting would definitely one of the five most popular crafts enjoyed today, Everyone can knit a little. All children, even some boys, are taught to knit. There are many books available with knitting patterns, even magazines include knitting patterns, and there are many shops that sell wool. The wool that one finds in the shops today is so beautiful that it can inspire even the rank amateur to pick up a pair of needles. A hand knitted jacket of shawl is still today considered the ideal gift for a new baby.

2. Sewing

Sewing and crocheting are two more crafts that must also rank among the favourites in the UK today. There are many people who sew clothes for their families, or who enjoy make quilt making or embroidery.

3. Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is another craft that never loses its popularity. Whether you arrange the flowers in church every Sunday, or just admire the flowers in shows or flower ships, arranging flowers is something every woman has tried.

4. Pottery

Another craft that could definitely be included in the five most popular crafts in the UK today, could be the craft of making pottery or ceramics. This is a very old craft, and is today a highly developed one, and the number of pottery schools is growing every year. There are several ways of doing pottery, but they do involve a kiln, and bags of sludge and mud, so will not appeal to everyone.

5. Painting

Painting or sketching is another craft that thousands of people enjoy. There are painting schools in every town or village, and sketching clubs, and there is nothing like this to take one’s mind off any of the day to day problems. Playing with paints and colours is something enjoyed by most people, a pleasure that begins in the first years of childhood.

There are so many entertaining crafts available today that people can try. Some are expensive, some don’t cost much, and some are even a necessary part of everyday living. It would be unfair to choose any of the hundreds of delightful crafts as the five most popular crafts enjoyed today.