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We welcome you to our Museum of Arts and Crafts in the stunning city of Plymouth. The museum is over 100 years old and we have been here since 1967. The museum is a celebration of art culture within Plymouth and we hope to inspire, educate and promote the skilled craftsmanship which has been passed through the generations for hundreds of years.

Arts and Crafts is usually associated with anything that its created and made by hand. Forget the manufacturing machines, the skill of hand made products has been a massive part of our history. Some crafts have been around for centuries, others are more recent.

Come to see our wonderful displays of textiles , woodcraft, pottery, jewelry and more from all the ages and see how the passion of many has developed.

See below for a list of our displays and visit today to experience the history.









You can find us in Plymouth city centre.

Opening Times:

Mon – Fri  9.30am till 6.00pm

Saturday  9.30 till 4pm

Sunday     9.30 till 12.00pm

Civic Centre, 71 New George St, Plymouth PL1 2AA


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