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Plymouth College of Art

Here at the Chope Art and Craft Museum we work very closely with our local college. We often display the work of students and really enjoy our local connection in the community. We often have aspiring crafters who would love the formal education in the arts that the college offers. Here is a review and introduction to the local college here in Plymouth

A lot of people want to get a high-quality education in the field of art. They want this, but they need to study in the right institution. If you want to take your passion for art to a whole new level, Plymouth College of Art could be the solution to this situation.

Art Sanctuary
This art school is truly a shelter for any artists out there, and they consider this amazing place an oasis. Artists love this amazing art school because they feel at home here when they just happen to cross the threshold. Plymouth College of Arts has expert technicians and highly skilled tutors that will let you know what you need to know when it comes to arts. You will feel the commitment of Plymouth College of Art at all times, and this commitment is just second to none.

Breathing Art
Plymouth College of Art`s just breathe and live art. They will go above and beyond to meet your expectations at all times, as they will remain both approachable and open. Their professors will trial many ideas and also share their expertise at all times. They know what to do when it comes to preparing for any exhibition or develop a cool portfolio. They also know how to think creatively and practically. Course leaders will just arrange for industry to assess and set real-life briefs, and students will just know what to do to succeed in the game of business, and they will not have to compromise integrity or creativity.

Strong Links

Plymouth College of Art has strong, powerful links with the community. They run a lot of international and national programs of visiting exhibitions, artists, partnership activities and public events. You have the potential to connect with potential employers, industry, and artists from the very beginning. The College of Art is both visionary and traditional, and you will love this amazing combination right away. Plymouth College of Art is strongly focused on the now famous digital methods instead of analog photography and print. They also have one of the best equipment and digital courses in the whole country.

Improving Art Courses
Plymouth College of Art is truly committed to improving and developing traditional art courses all year long, and you will reap the rewards right away.The College has also invested million in a brand new digital design center. This center has glass and state-of-the-art ceramics along with digital design workshops. You will get the high-quality education that you want to get for life in just a contemporary art practice. This will allow you to create a true catalyst for professional, personal and cultural transformation over time. This is a creative enterprise that puts the support needs and aspirations of our students first.
Plymouth College of Art has all you need to take your passion for art to a whole new level. With excellent teachers and amazing premises, you will get what you need when it comes to getting what you want out of an art institute these days. They have strong links with the Plymouth community, and you will reap the rewards right away.

For more information visit their website  http://www.plymouthart.ac.uk/